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They Ain't Coming to Save You! You are on your own.

Unfortunately for American citizens and legal immigrants, the break-down of society into a without rule of law (WROL) situation is occurring, in real-time, in many of our nation's leading cities. In addition to the weekly murder and mayhem associated with Chicago; Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle have descended into near-Mad Max conditions. Riots, insurrection, hatred and brutality reign as the police have surrendered the streets to a mob which makes Hitler's Brown Shirts look tame. I think we are less than a month or two away from seeing tens of thousands, if not hundred of thousands, of civilians beaten, shot, and killed while their homes and businesses are burned.

As a result of this rapid descent into Somali-like tribal conflict, million of Americans are acquiring firearms for the 1st time! Many, including my sister(a life long gun opponent) have made the decision to arm themselves in order to try to protect their lives, property and liberty from the baying mobs. Many of these new customers became irate when they discovered the Byzantine laws their elected officials had created to make acquiring self-defense tools more difficult, time consuming and expensive. They were stunned to learn about waiting periods, background checks and licensing requirements.

Our recommendation is that you arm yourself and everyone in your household with an utterly reliable Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 pump action shotgun and install a SLAM-HD or SLAM-T laser aiming foregrip for additional accuracy and confidence when it counts. Super bright lasers also serve as a safety tool by allowing you to better identify your target in low light conditions. Laser also help you intimidate bad guys.

We hope that common criminals never come to your home and pray that a mob never enters your neighbor hood. But as our country descends into chaos, it is better to be prepared to fight for what's yours than be kicked to death by a mob and have your daughter gang raped by Antifa. Get the SLAM-HD laser on your Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 today and have the confidence to send the only type of stop sign many criminals and rioters understand, hot lead. And, if force to shoot them in order to protect yourself, shoot them center mass, or in the groin or face if they happen to be wearing body armor. Use slugs and buckshot and keep shooting until the threat stops. Your goal is to make them stop, not kill them, and the fastest way to make them stop is to lower their blood pressure by putting a few new holes in them.

The SLAM-Home Defender- Because you are on your own in this Mad Max world.

Note: You can be sure as Winter follows Fall that there will be massive cries for "gun control" after the next few thousand people get shot. Best you join the 2nd Amendment advocacy group of your choice before your "betters" in government try to strip you of your God-given right to self-defense. They really don't care if you live or die, if you get crippled or your business burns. Act today.

About the author- NHGoldendragon is a defense industry veteran specializing in laser aiming and illumination tools for military, law enforcement and self-defense applications.

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