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Self-defense shooting, know your rights

This linke is to an amazing video from Active Self Protection. We recommend his channel as a good place to learn about self-defense shooting, and how to protect yourself from being sued after an incident where you have been forced to shoot an assailant.

We, of course, recommend that you use a SLAM-HD (Standard Laser Aiming Machine- Home Defender) on your pump-action Mossberg or Remiongton shotgun, in order to ensure that you hit what you have been forced to shoot at and diminish the chance of hitting an innocent person.

Check it out right here:

We strongly encourage you to get your home or apartment prepared. Get good quality locks, install an alarm system, get aggressive with outside illumination, get a high quality firearm like a Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 and install a SLAM-HD or SLAM-T on it to help you hit what you aim at when you are forced to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Stay safe, be kind, defend what's yours!

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