Dominate Your Domain Despite RIOTS! "The Shotgun sings the song!"

We at the TLT were disgusted and outraged by the horrific murder of Mr. Floyd despite the counterfeiting crime he was accused of as we understand that slow strangulation to be the cruel and unusual punishment forbidden under our code of laws. We wholeheartedly want to see peaceful protests and assemblies of citizens demanding their natural rights as codified by the Constitution of the United States of America, specifically the 1st Amendment. We also believe that without the Right to Bear Arms, specifically codified in the 2nd Amendment, that the 1st Amendment becomes nothing more than a suggestion. Just ask the poor, unarmed, people of Honk Kong as they are being crushed by the Communists. We also demand that the police treat American citizens as American citizens and not as downrange enemy combattants in Afghanistan. And, at the same time, we demand that the righteously-outraged street-fighters, mobs and peaceful protesters stop destroying private property.