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They Ain't Coming to Save You! You are on your own.

Unfortunately for American citizens and legal immigrants, the break-down of society into a without rule of law (WROL) situation is occurring, in real-time, in many of our nation's leading cities. In addition to the weekly murder and mayhem associated with Chicago; Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle have descended into near-Mad Max conditions. Riots, insurrection, hatred and brutality reign as the police have surrendered the streets to a mob which makes Hitler's Brown Shirts lo

A tale of Two Home Invasions, 1 Dead, 1 Shot in the Face This article from our friends at reminds us of why we must be vigilant in our homes. Please make sure you get a 12 gauge pump action shotgun for home defense and outfit it with a SLAM-HD laser aiming device for confidence &

Self-defense shooting, know your rights

This linke is to an amazing video from Active Self Protection. We recommend his channel as a good place to learn about self-defense shooting, and how to protect yourself from being sued after an incident where you have been forced to shoot an assailant. We, of course, recommend that you use a SLAM-HD (Standard Laser Aiming Machine- Home Defender) on your pump-action Mossberg or Remiongton shotgun, in order to ensure that you hit what you have been forced to shoot at and dimin

Standard Laser Aiming Machine-Home Defender or Tactical just what you need to control the chaos!

We at Tactical Laser Technology understand that during these traumatic days, that you and your family may be feeling anxious, uneasy and fearful. The shocking headlines covering global stories of widespread violence, protest, riots, looting, civil unrest, police brutality, rampant criminality, fire, tear-gas, murder and mayhem don't make for sweet dreams. In our opinion, one of the sweetest security blankets one can have is a 12 gauge, pump-action, shotgun manufactured by Rem

Welcome New Gun Owners, here are a dozen helpful firearm tips!

Congratulations to the 12 million Americans who decided to participate in their own self-defense by purchasing a firearm, from a licensed retailer, during these uncertain times of Spring, 2020. According to the FBI, 12.1 million of you have undergone an FBI NICS background check this year. Again, we say congratulations! Now, as many of you are first time-time gun owners, newly licensed concealed-carriers, or getting back into the shooting sports, we would like to take this op

Dominate Your Domain Despite RIOTS! "The Shotgun sings the song!"

We at the TLT were disgusted and outraged by the horrific murder of Mr. Floyd despite the counterfeiting crime he was accused of as we understand that slow strangulation to be the cruel and unusual punishment forbidden under our code of laws. We wholeheartedly want to see peaceful protests and assemblies of citizens demanding their natural rights as codified by the Constitution of the United States of America, specifically the 1st Amendment. We also believe that without the R

Today Marks the 76th Anniversary of D-Day

With this post we Americans honor the sacrifice and dedication of all the brave young men and women of the Armed Forces who invaded Europe in order to help Liberate the French, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Moroccan, Tunisian, Libyan and other peoples, while protecting our buddies, the Brits. Never Forget! #Dday #Liberty I am proud to say that my eldest son just swore an oath to protect this Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, yest

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