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Standard Laser Aiming Machine-Home Defender or Tactical just what you need to control the chaos!

We at Tactical Laser Technology understand that during these traumatic days, that you and your family may be feeling anxious, uneasy and fearful. The shocking headlines covering global stories of widespread violence, protest, riots, looting, civil unrest, police brutality, rampant criminality, fire, tear-gas, murder and mayhem don't make for sweet dreams.

In our opinion, one of the sweetest security blankets one can have is a 12 gauge, pump-action, shotgun manufactured by Remington, Mossberg or Beretta/Benelli, especially one with a SLAM-HD or SLAM-T laser aiming device attached for maximum accuracy, rapid identification, excellent intimidation and fight winning confidence! SO, when it comes to defending what's yours, grab a 12 gauge, load it with buck shot, and put a SLAM-HD or SLAM-T laser aiming machine on the fore-grip for the confidence, and the ability, to meet and; appropriately greet, whatever comes your way!

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