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Today Marks the 76th Anniversary of D-Day

With this post we Americans honor the sacrifice and dedication of all the brave young men and women of the Armed Forces who invaded Europe in order to help Liberate the French, Polish, Danish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Moroccan, Tunisian, Libyan and other peoples, while protecting our buddies, the Brits. Never Forget! #Dday #Liberty

I am proud to say that my eldest son just swore an oath to protect this Nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, yesterday (6/5/20) He will serve in the United States Navy for at least 5 years.

Please exercise your Liberty. Participate in the shooting sports, demand that your representatives represent you, write letters to the editor, vote, peacefully protest, carry a legal concealed weapon if you can, and put a Standard Laser Aiming Machine(SLAM-HD or SLAM-T) on your 12 gauge shotgun! Stay safe, DOMINATE YOUR DOMAIN!

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